02 October 2008

Make your mind as strong as Diamond

The best way to get rid of weakness is to strike it at its very root - the mistaken belief that you are the body, that you have a name and a form, these senses, this intelligence and this mind. These are all the luggage you carry. Don't you say, "my mind", "my hand", just as you say, "my book", "my umbrella"? Who is this 'I' that calls all these "mine"? That is the real 'you'. It was there when you were born, when you were sleeping forgetful of all else, forgetful even of your body with all its equipment, internal and external. That 'I' cannot be harmed; it does not change, it knows no death or birth. Learn the discipline that makes you aware of this truth and you will be ever free and bold. That is real Vidya (knowledge), the Atma Vidya (knowledge of the Self).

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