14 December 2011

5 Ways to Burn Belly Fat in 5 Days

Instructions for losing Belly Fat

1. Avoid drinking beer. This is a super easy way to gain stomach fat. As I'm sure plenty are aware of, "the beer gut". Beer is an easy way to just gain weight in general. If you're going to lose stomach fat, you must avoid drinking a lot of beer, if any at all.

2. Join in a sports club. Especially for younger people. Sports is one of the easiest ways to get into shape. There's a lot of recreation leagues for grownups. Sports like basketball are a the perfect way to definitely shed stomach fat.

3. Start running or jogging. Great way to lose stomach fat is being active. Running is an excellent way to shed belly fat off. Staying active and not sitting around is an important key. Stomach is one of the first plays you add fat.

4. Eat properly. Stop eating junk food and start eating foods that are healthy for. Like fruits and vegetables. Eat lean meats, and not so much food high in carbs. Also, do not eat before bed. That's a big no-no, eating then going to sleep. Great way to put on more weight. I was eating just cereal before bed and was gaining more fat. An apple probably won't kill you. Milk has fat calories, so that's not very good.

5. Drinking 8 glasses of cold water. Water flushes out toxin. It also increases your metabolism, so start drinking water! If you're going to lose weight, it's going to be hard doing so without drinking tons of water daily. 8 glasses at least everyday. Water in tea, or coffee does not count.

Practically proved so you can follow these steps..

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  2. Some effective ways are:
    Don't eat too much.
    Do regular exercises specially cardio.
    Avoid soda drinks, fast foods, and junk foods.
    Eat more fruits and vegetables foods.
    Drink more water, fruits juices, and green tea etc.

    Fitness Maitland

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