25 February 2014

Loving Too Much is Worthless

Loving is caring, Loving somebody,
some entity without their love on us is always futile.
One side Love and affection is always waste of time and energy.
You will get hurt when they doubt you..
Really a miserable thing..
So limiting your love is always appreciable..

First Love yourself.
Set goals
Reach goals
Be selfish when you are growing..

Education should gives us good thinking and
taking wise decisions but not narrow mindedness.

Maturity should bring ultimate communication skill
but not filthy speaking.

With Money we can buy anything and everything
but there are some people around us who cannot be sold .

Lets Everyone comes to you
asks you what they need.
When you reach the goal.

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23 February 2014

Top Acts of Selfishness- One should remember

Top Acts of Selfishness. (spread these words and remove selfishness from the people around the world.)

1. Bad mouthing someone to look better.
2. Avoiding donating to charity.
3. Falling to let another driver in or give way. 
4. Not Contacting relatives
5. Being Sympathetic.
6. Making what you want for dinner without consulting.
7. Making only your own cup of tea in the office.
8. Giving a smaller portion. 
9. Falling to open doors
10. Not Clearing up your mess.
11. Picking a DVD without thinking about a partner
12. Borrowing something and not returning it. 
13. Not buying a round.
14. Blaming someone else.
15. Not helping out colleagues. 
16. Not handing back money when someone drops it.
17. Pushing into a queue.
18. Not offering a lift.

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Unselfish idea of the millennium!

In spite of the incurable differences of pleasure and pain, there has also been the struggle to alleviate them. Every period of history has given birth to thousands of men and women who have worked hard to smooth the passage of life for others. And how far have they succeeded?

We can only play at driving the ball from one place to another. We take away pain from the physical plane, and it goes to the mental one. It is like that picture in Dante's hell where the misers were given a mass of gold to roll up a hill. Every time they rolled it up a little, it again rolled down. All our talks about the millennium are very nice as school-boys' stories, but they are no better than that. All nations that dream of the millennium also think that, of all peoples in the world, they will have the best of it then for themselves.

This is the wonderfully unselfish idea of the millennium!

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07 February 2014

10 Important Health Benefits of Black Grapes

The black grape benefits are so many that for your convenience we have split them into health, skin and hair benefits. Enjoy!

Black Grapes: Health Benefits

1. Controlling Blood Sugar:

Several studies have shown that consumption of black grapes helps to cure diabetes. Resvertrol, present in these grapes are responsible for increasing insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity, thereby improving and maintaining blood sugar balance and insulin levels in the body. The blood sugar benefits rendered by black grapes are clearly associated with their low Glycemic Index (GI) Value. These grapes also help in controlling blood pressure by increasing the blood flow.

2. Improving Brain Function:

Regular consumption of black grapes helps to improve concentration, memory and also verbal and spatial recall. The polyphenol present in them also aid in curing migraine, dementia and preventing Alzheimer’s.

3. Improving Cardiac Health:

The phytochemicals present in them help in reducing damage of the heart muscles and also aid in reducing and regulating cholesterol levels in the body thereby preventing heart attacks and other cardio vascular diseases.

4. Prevention of Cancer:

Consumption of these grapes can be highly beneficial in preventing and treating skin, gastrointestinal, prostate, breast, lung and pancreatic cancer.

5. Triggering Weight Loss:

Antioxidant properties of black grapes help in releasing the unwanted toxins accumulated in the body which results in loss of weight.

6. Protecting against infections and inflammations:

Resveratrol, in black grapes, is an excellent bactericide and fungicide and therefore helps to prevent pathogenic infections and inflammations. It has antiviral properties which are effective against diseases like polio and herpes. It also helps to cure asthma by increasing the level of moisture present in the lungs.

7. Relieving constipation, indigestion and treating kidney disorders:

These grapes are rich in sugar, organic acid and polyose and hence act as a mild laxative to help cure constipation. They are effective in curing indigestion and irritation of stomach, and preventing dyspepsia. They also help in reducing acidity caused by uric acid thereby minimizing pressure on the kidneys.

8. Improving Vision:

Black grapes are well known for their effect on the eyesight. These grapes contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin which help in maintain a good eyesight and proper vision.

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Black Grapes: Skin Benefits

9. Maintaining a Healthy and youthful Skin:

Antioxidants present in black grapes render anti ageing benefits like reduction of wrinkles, increase in elasticity of skin, proper blood circulation which lead to a healthy, youthful and glowing skin. Vitamin E present in these grapes secures the moisture of the skin and hence they are used as natural moisturizers.

The Vitamin C content of these grapes ensures rejuvenation of skin cells. Due to the presence of antioxidants, black grapes extracts can be used as natural sunscreen to protect against the damage caused by harmful ultra violet rays from the sun and thereby reduce the damage on the skin cells.

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Black Grapes: Hair Benefits

10. Maintaining long and healthy tresses:

Consumption of black grapes is an ideal way to battle the general hair related problems faced by everyone these days, be it dandruff, hair fall, split ends or early greying. The high antioxidant and Vitamin E content of these grapes, whether consumed or used in form of grape seed oil, helps to increase the blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens blood vessels and resultantly leads to healthy hair growth. It strengthens, softens, lengthens the hair, reduces flakiness, itchiness of the scalp and therefore reduces dandruff to render beautiful and shiny tresses naturally.

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Hope you found this article informative. Do leave us a comment!

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06 February 2014

8 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Every year, there is a flurry of headlines about the health benefits of wine. But can drinking wine really make a difference? Here, the news—very good news, indeed—from the latest studies. Note: The health benefits come from moderate wine consumption, defined by the American Heart Association as one to two four-ounce glasses a day.

The Benefit: Promotes Longevity

The Evidence: Wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or spirits drinkers. Source: a Finnish study of 2,468 men over a 29-year period, published in the Journals of Gerontology, 2007.

The Benefit: Reduces Heart-Attack Risk

The Evidence: Moderate drinkers suffering from high blood pressure are 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack than nondrinkers. Source: a 16-year Harvard School of Public Health study of 11,711 men, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 2007.

The Benefit: Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

The Evidence: Red-wine tannins contain procyanidins, which protect against heart disease. Wines from Sardinia and southwest France have more procyanidins than other wines. Source: a study at Queen Mary University in London, published in Nature, 2006.

The Benefit: Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

The Evidence: Moderate drinkers have 30 percent less risk than nondrinkers of developing type 2 diabetes. Source: research on 369,862 individuals studied over an average of 12 years each, at Amsterdam's VU University Medical Center, published in Diabetes Care, 2005.

The Benefit: Lowers Risk of Stroke

The Evidence: The possibility of suffering a blood clot–related stroke drops by about 50 percent in people who consume moderate amounts of alcohol. Source: a Columbia University study of 3,176 individuals over an eight-year period, published in Stroke, 2006.

The Benefit: Cuts Risk of Cataracts

The Evidence: Moderate drinkers are 32 percent less likely to get cataracts than nondrinkers; those who consume wine are 43 percent less likely to develop cataracts than those drinking mainly beer. Source: a study of 1,379 individuals in Iceland, published in Nature, 2003.

The Benefit: Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer

The Evidence: Moderate consumption of wine (especially red) cuts the risk of colon cancer by 45 percent. Source: a Stony Brook University study of 2,291 individuals over a four-year period, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2005.

The Benefit: Slows Brain Decline

The Evidence: Brain function declines at a markedly faster rate in nondrinkers than in moderate drinkers. Source: a Columbia University study of 1,416 people, published in Neuroepidemiology, 2006.

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