22 September 2008

Conquer the sorrows

People complain of grief, sorrow and distress. These are but reactions to the loss of something that one already possesses, or the failure to gain something that is desired. Therefore, the only way to escape sorrow is to conquer the desire for the illusory. See the world as God. That vision will scotch desire. When one's desire is focused on God, success is assured and every step contributes to the achievement of Divine Bliss.

19 September 2008

Love All Serve all - World is a Big family

The world is one vast community. Every individual in it is a part of this community, bound to it by the bonds of love. This love is there, deep in the heart of every man. It is the Vishwa-Prema (all encompassing love) that flows from one spark of the Divine to all other sparks. When the eyes shine illumined by the highest wisdom of Jnana, they see all as the One. Man realises that Sarvam Brahmamayam Jagath (the entire universe is pervaded by Brahman). To have this One revealed as in All, one has to develop faith and discipline the mind. The mind has to shed its fancies and foibles; the Truth has to be known and experienced.

Like the wind that covers everything with dust, desires and attachments cloud the mind. They have to be kept away so that the splendour of the self might merge in the splendour of the Higher self, the Paramatman (God). The process of purifying the consciousness of man in the crucible of single-pointed thought, speech, feeling and activity directed towards God, will rid him of all blemishes and defects. When the inner consciousness has been rendered pure and unsullied, God will reside therein. Then man will experience the vision of God within him.

18 September 2008

Spirituality is evreywhere - Need not run for it

One need not search for spiritual power, going around the world and spending a lot of money. You can stay in your own house and develop it within yourself. You do not have to run for it hither and thither. You are not a mere man, but God Himself. Do not be under the delusion that God is residing somewhere and that you have to search for Him; God is within you.

When an individual seeks fulfilment outside himself, he fails; if he seeks it within himself, he is successful in obtaining it. The divine principle within us is always accessible and always responsive. Pain is felt only as long as attachment or aversion to outer forms remains. Ultimate relief from pain can come only by the effacement of the ego, by the elimination of that which reacts to one thing as pain and to another as pleasure, and whose memory and conditioning sustains the recognition of the dualities of joy and grief.

No object in the world can be without a creator. Everything we use in our daily life has been made by someone. But, there are also objects which are beyond the capacity of humans to create. The stars which twinkle in the sky, the sun and moon that illumine the whole world, all these demonstrate the existence of a superior power. These are not human creations. Have they come into existence by themselves or have they been created by some invisible force? The supreme power which has the capacity to create such marvels has been described by the Vedas as Aprameya, one who is beyond all proofs and all limitations. He cannot be described in words. The primary object of man must be to seek to understand this Infinite Power

12 September 2008

The Secret of the Mouse under the Lord Ganesh

The mouse is the vehicle of Lord Vinayaka. What is the inner significance of the mouse? The mouse is attracted by smell and is considered as the embodiment of the sense of smell. The mouse is a symbol of attachment to 'Vasana', which means both smell and worldly tendencies. It is well known that if you want to catch a mouse, you place a strong

-smelling bait inside the mouse-trap. The mouse also symbolises the darkness of night. The mouse can see well in the dark and moves about freely in the night. As Vinayaka's vehicle, the mouse signifies an object that leads man from darkness to light. Thus, the Vinayaka-principle signifies that which removes bad thoughts, bad habits and inculcates

good thoughts and good conduct in people.

11 September 2008

Free from all desires

The person who is free from all desires, who has not even the slightest inclination to possess or enjoy the sensory
world, who has no trace of egoism and who is ever immersed in the bliss of God consciousness, is always untouched
by any tinge of sorrow. He is firmly established in supreme joy and peace.

All are God. You too are God, above and beyond the past, present and future. You are not the body which is tied up with time and which is caught in the coils of was, is and will be. Be ever fixed in the attitude that you are of the nature of Parabrahman (God); dwell constantly in this thought. Thus you can become a Jnani (person of wisdom).

10 September 2008

Live and let live

Live -

  • Put bright color in your surroundings, and you’ll bring more brightness and color to your own life.
  • Be as considerate of the feelings of others as you would have them be of your own.
  • Be Modest, but don’t belittle yourself. The center of your being is the center of the universe as far as your own understanding is considered. At the center, awaiting your discovery, lies all the power of infinity.

  • Be Courageous in your decision making . “What if?” and “ what if not?” keep people sitting forever on a fence. Even a poor decision may be preferable to making no decision at all: At least it will keep the energy flowing, a flow which may, in time, attract good decisions.

Let others Live

  • As the gardener water the flowers, so water the hearts of others.
  • Offer hope to those who are losing hope. Help them to see that their potentials reach out to infinity.
  • Offer encouragement, whenever you find sorrow or despair. No defeat is permanent; Often, it is the precursor to stunning victory.
  • Offer happiness, whenever you see gloom. Pity is demeaning, but happiness, offered without imposing it, can be a lifeboat on a stormy sea.
  • Dharma (righteousness) is the foundation for the welfare of humanity, it is the eternal truth. When the effulgence of Dharma fails to illumine human relationships, mankind will become enveloped in the darkness of sorrow. Man must dedicate himself to Dharma so that he may live in peace and the world may also enjoy peace. He cannot acquire lasting peace nor can he win the grace of God through any means other than by leading a Dharmic life.

05 September 2008

How to look at our problems.

@ Remain always even- minded and cheerful. To Rise and fall with the waves of emotion is to sacrifice mental clarity for confusion.

@ View your problems dispassionately, as if from a mountain peak. Perspective is lost in the narrow valley of personal involvement.

@Rise above your likes and dislikes, but don't withhold sympathy from others. Too many people reverse these priorities: They soar loftily above the likes and dislikes of others, but are tenderly sympathetic where their own interests are involved.

@Non- Attachment is not indiffernece. Be deeply concerned with finding soloutions to people's problems.

@ Walk tall, Physically and also mentally. Keep your spine straight, and your thinking straightforward. Wisdom is spherical, but the path to victory is linear.

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