29 August 2008

Communicational Ideas

*> Communicate with others thoughtfully, never absentmindedly. Do things that are uplifting; don't merely pass the time.
For time is an inheritance: However little or much has been allotted to you, spend it wisely, or it will be frittered away.

*> Be silent at your center. Excessive speech is anesthetizing. Instead of thinking up ideas to communicate to others, think up ideas to communicate to your own higher self.

*> Accommodate your ideas to the good suggestions of others. What does the source of an idea really matter? The more closely the idea approaches to the truth, the less credit anyone ought to claim for it. For where we human beings intrude on the process, usually , is in our mistakes.


  1. Hey! love the blog! you should try using real bullets instead of an asterisk and other symbols. the trip to agra one is realy cool. how did you add the picture behind your title? mine never works out right! it would be much appreciated if you gave me some advice on mine! i just started a few days ago! do you have any tips on how to increase traffic on your site?


  2. thank you very much for your suggestion. keep visiting my blog...

    Yes you can add banner instead of writing some text.
    After opening Dashboard > Layout > page elements> at the top you can see edit button. select your own image and save..thats it.


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