30 June 2010

5 Helath Tips for Best Health -Wealth

Merely an absence of disease does not necessarily mean that you are
healthy. It’s true that sometimes diseases strike us when we least expect it
even when we do everything right as far as staying healthy is concerned.
Indeed, a wise man once truly said “Health is Wealth”, for there is nothing
worse than feeling ill at ease. Illness and diseases not only make you
dependent on others, they also rob you of your zest for life. Why not take
measures to ensure a long, happy, self sufficient and healthy life? Here are
a few tips to help you do just that!

Follow the PyramidNot
the pyramids in Egypt, we mean the food pyramid. A food pyramid basically
tells you what to eat most and what to scrimp on. At the base of the pyramid
are things that you should consume the most like cereals and pulses. As the
pyramid tapers off to its peak, it tells you about the things you should eat
sparingly like oils and fats. In the middle of the pyramid are food items to
be consumed moderately like fruits and veggies followed by milk and meat
products. Keep this in mind when you eat or plan your meals.
Regular Checks
underestimate the power of monitoring your health. A major part of staying
well is consistency in health and that can only be figured out if the
indicators of your health are regularly monitored. These indicators are
Sugar Levels, Blood Pressure, Haemoglobin Count, Urine Analysis, Cholesterol
and Lipid Profile, Liver Function Test, ECG, and Chest X-Ray. Many hospitals
such as Apollo Hospitals have comprehensive health check-ups that cover all
these tests and more. These tests become all the more important as you age.

Sweat It
is no alternative to exercising and you don’t just need to do it when you
gain a few extra pounds. Exercise keeps you active and energetic and it is
great for the joints. However, be careful of over-straining yourself.
Consult a physician or fitness trainer to figure out a fitness plan that is
best suited for you. And do remember to wear the right outfit and footwear
while exercising, else you may injure yourself. Keep moving and don’t allow
yourself to be glued to a chair all day.
Water Rules!
your body well-hydrated by drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Water
is actually a miracle drink that aids many of your bodily functions like
getting rid of toxins, eliminating wastes, regulating body temperature,
lubrication of body joints, assisting in digestion processes, and much more.
This is one drink you should indulge in all day and every day!
leads to many physical and mental disorders. Keep it at bay with deep
breathing, leisurely strolls, meditation, chanting, and listening to music.
Other ways to relax include socializing, traveling, talking to friends, or
basically doing anything that pleases you and makes you feel good.

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