14 December 2011

5 Recipes Blood Purification home Remedies

 Blood is the most essential fluid which will flows from top to the bottom of our body. 
 Blood will be purified by the Heart. If we can follow some small instructions as below, so that we can get rid off blood ailments and strengthen our heart. 

Blood is a specialized bodily fluid in animals that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.

So I think you will certainly follow these instructions...
Recipe No.1:

Soak 10 kissmiss (Dried Grapes) (yendu draksha),
 2 Anjur (FIGS -dried fruit) and
2 dry kharjur (DATES) in a glass of water overnight.

In the morning separate water from the constitutents. Eat the constituents by chewing slowly.
Drink the separated water also. Give one hour gap for breakfast/food.
Blood gets purified, stains on the body vanish, sores will heal, dark circles below eyes will vanish, blood quantity also increases.

Recipe No.2:

Cow Ghee (Naatu aavu neyyi ): 100 gm.

Heat the ghee in a vessel and add exactly 100 number pepper. after entire ghee boils, separate pepper and store ghee. Use ghee along with daily food.
Blood purifies, becomes red, skin beauty increases, dead cells of blood will be removed.

Recipe No.3:

2 fresh Saraswati leaves.
1/2 spoon honey
1/2 spoon cow’s ghee
Mix all the three and take 2 times morning and evening.
Blood purifies, liver and spleen strengthens, brain power drastically improves, all parts ofbody rejunavate.

Recipe No.4:

Bhavanchalu (dry and make powder) : 50 gm
Dry usirika powder : 50 gm
Dry Taanikaya powder : 50 gm
Mix all the three powders and store in a bottle. Add 1/2 sp. powder to 1/2 cup water and drink in the night before sleep.
Blood purifies, energy of body increases.

Recipe No.5:

Goat’s milk : 1 cup in warm condition
Add one spoon honey and drink early in the morning. Do not eat till one hour.
Blood purifies and skin diseases are eliminated.

NOTE: As all these recipes have no chemical combinations all are biologically .
No Side effects. Follows these recipes life long, to get your blood purification is so simple and cost effective.

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