28 July 2013

Purify Your Lungs With These Excellent Tips

Purify and clean out your lung Toxins

Many people, especially smokers and ex-smokers have become more concerned about the state of their lungs and want to know can you clean out your lungs to avoid a sticky end?

These ends can come from a few sources that stem primarily from the tar building in the lungs that inhibit your bodies natural healing and trap pathogens, impurities, toxins and carcinogens in the lungs to be free to cause such problems as: Deadly Lung Cancer, Emphysema , Chronic Bronchitis, Strokes ,Heart attacks and more...

Luckily it is possible to clean out your lungs of these things and give the body a real helping hand!
How to Clean Out Your Lungs

To clean out your lungs you need to embark on a lung detoxification program designed to remove the tar in your lungs but also to kick your bodies natural detox processes into high gear! It involved a combination of things you must do such as:

Changing Your Diet

This is very important. Mucus buildup is a serious problem in unhealthy lungs and while not as sticky and terrible as the tar it can clog airways and carry toxins and so should be removed.

  1. Avoid foods that cause mucus such as dairy foods, wheat and soy.
  2. Eat more foods that tilt your bodies Ph Level slightly to Alkaline which gives very good health benefits.
  3. Drink a LOT more water. Extra hydration cycles old fluids from your body and replaces it with new fluids. This flushes a lot of toxins from the bloodstream and form all major organs.
  4. Eat more Onions, Garlic and Ginger which are proven to increase lung health

Exercise the Lungs
By doing yoga exercises, Exhale and Inhale exercises, you can quickly clean out the bad breath.

While we may breath in and out all the time we often do not really exercise our lungs properly.

By doing breathing exercises and more cardio workouts we force ourselves to breathing in and out deeply which can expel a lot of stale air and particles that have settled at the little used places at the bottom of the lungs.

Lung exercise for a detox also works because it helps break up the tar by expanding the lungs to full capacity. Imagine if you coast the indie of a half filled balloon with tar then blow into it. The balloon expands and the tar gets thinner as it does. Increasing lung capacity will help and even though your lungs are not always expanded the tar will not be easier to break down.
Tar Destroying Vitamins

Tar can take over a decade for the body to naturally remove. Using the methods above you can take years off that number and improve your health as you do so. but to really speed things along and take that time down to less than a year you need some added help.

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