20 October 2010

Best Skin Glowing Tips - 1

Skin is the most important part of the body which covers our flesh. It displays and indexes all our health by glowing ..
Know the best tips to take care of your skin.
Avoid Food That's Bad for Your Skin
Focus on eating as cleanly as possible today. Avoid fast food, fried food, and anything processed. That includes refined sugar, soda (diet and regular), and processed meats and cheeses. Why? They keep your body and your skin off balance.

Instead, eat foods that are good for your skin. Here's a quick list of foods for healthy skin:

* Oranges
* Cantaloupe
* Tomatoes
* Leafy greens
* Salmon
* Tuna

Find more foods that are good for your skin.

Curb Cravings
To curb cravings and make sure you're eating only the best foods for your skin, drink water or tea throughout the day. Mix it up with sparkling water, a splash of natural (no sugar added) cranberry juice (rich in antioxidants), or a wedge of lemon, lime, cucumber, or melon.

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