22 October 2010

7 Important Steps of Hindu Marriage before Fire

Wedding Ceremony

Saptapadi (The Seven Steps)

The Bride and Groom take seven rounds around the sacred fire
representing the seven principles and promises being made to each other.

1) Together, we will acquire energy to share the responsibilities
of our married life.
2) Together, we will fill our hearts with strength and courage
to accomplish all the needs of our life.
3) Together, we will prosper and share our worldly goods and
we will work for the prosperity of our family.
4) Together, we will cherish each other in happiness
and in sorrow.
5) Together, we will raise strong and virtuous children.
6) Together, we will fill our hearts with great joy, peace,
happiness, and spiritual values.
7) Together, we will remain lifelong partners in this matrimony


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