30 April 2008


As you begin this day , tell yourself, "Today Iam incarnated anew!
I am released from the hypnosis of my old habits and mistakes!
Everything that I have long dreamed of doing I will accomplish in this, My new life."

Smile Please !

I never kiss
I never miss
I never neck
I never think
I never drink
I am only six
I am always in fix
I am a game
Everyone says the same
I am a fool
I am never cool
I am rich
But it doesn't itch
I am happy
I am always feeling sleepy
If you're good
Come down I would............


There's way to stop drinking,
I'm sure you can't beat it:
Just take all your liquor
And freeze it and eat it!


Ah, When you whisper, 'George, I love you,"
How my heart begins to thrill,
And when you snuggle close and say it--
I forget my name is Bill.


The lady came from Lisbane,
She said, "Let's do it again,
And again and again,
And again and again,
And again and again,
And again and again and again and again and again---


There was a student named Ginker,
The town's biggest drinker,
His knowledge was small,
Almost nothing at all,
Today he's the top and head brinker.


There was an old man of key west
When had numerous spots on his vest,
He said : " I don't think
That many were ink,
But those that were wine are the best."
<(^.^)> <(^.^)>

29 April 2008

Funny Poems


I crept upstairs, my shoes in hand,
Just as the morning took wing;
And I saw my wife, four steps above,
Doing the same darned thing.


I always love my wife;
Like an apple loves a knife.
But she never prepares a good breakfast;
And I always depend on slice.


My husband was a good man;
He always remaind with me and never ran --
But one day I came to know;
That he will not love me again.


The cutie who wears a wollen stocking
Need never give her door a locking
But the cutie who choses other makes
Gets all the runs and all the breaks.


The boy Stood On the burning deck
Upon his face a frown
"Twas hot to stand upon the deck,
But Twas hotter sitting down...

26 April 2008

Learn small things from Children

Take time to listen to the children playing.
From their laughter, learn lessons in the innocence.
From their openness, learn lessons in Trust.
From their Guilelessness, learn lessons in truthfulness and sincerity.

It isn't maturity that robs us of these virtues: It is immaturity, embittered by disappointment. With maturity comes understanding; from understanding comes acceptance;
and from acceptance, finally, comes wisdom.

Pay more attention to children's utterances. Often, in their very lack of sophistication, they achieve the simple clarity of wisdom.

24 April 2008

Nature of friendship

Greet everyone as a good friend.

Look upon members of the other sex as human beings, not as "opposites" to yourself.

Look upon the members of both sexes as your friends, not as antagonists on a battlefield.

23 April 2008

Project Kindness of words

Be aware of the tone of your voice. Infuse it with kindness by speaking more from the heart, and with will power and determination by projecting your vocal human voice expresses anger, self-interest, or indifference.

Project tone of kindness, and you'll find it more natural to be kind..

Music is Eternal

Listen to melodies that have an uplifting influence. For some melodies fill the heart with happiness, Whereas others fill it with sorrow. Shun as poison any melody that makes the heart restless or negative. Music, more than any other art form, penetrates the mind and effects it from within.

Eradicate - Poverty in INDIA

Why you will never see a front page like this??

Do we all borned with silver spoons in our mouth ??
No, May be 0.01 people borned.
We are all earning name, money. Is it permanent ? It comes as the water in the coconut and vanishes out as the days pass by.... But there are so many people suffering for not having Food. There are so many people dieing for not having atleast 1 time meal a week.

We are all ignoring them.. We are in Technology mode today!!! Gadgets, mobiles, we spend thousands of rupees for them...But Not on Poverty. We are in situation that we cannot talk with our family member. We are calling them and talking to them.. Why ??

Then, Who will look after them ? I believe, As we are all in the society,
We should taken care of them. Everybody should feel it is our duty and atleast we must serve them proper food, in the morning/afternoon/at night.

Though you may be living in the high society colonies, take your car search for them atleast when you have time & serve them. Even if not happen , Send money to organization you trust.

Take an oath right from today!
That "I will take part to eradicate the poverty.
On my Birthday, I Dont spend lavishly for parties and so on..
I Do Good For POOR..
I Never neglect Poverty.
I Will Create Equal opportunities. Create Equal Rights.
I will Change their Lives
I Will Work for them keeping aside my company 1 days" ......

I 'm here today! I have taken blogging as my tool to eradicate poverty..
I do spend money for the poor which I earned from this blog.. Atleast 5% to them....
We do talk more on useless things... But I have the hope on all you here....
Send your feedback how you are helping the poor??

Famous Quotations

LOVE -by Mother Teresa

Believing - By Abraham Lincoln
Never Break - By Charles
World Changed- Leo Tolstoy
Failed 1000 times - By Thomas Edison

what is you definition of love? post your comments....

22 April 2008

Give Respect & Get Respect

what should you do if someone accuse you falsely? you might try answering, "Now that you've reduced me to a level you can handle, may we talk as friends?" The sly reprimand will be deserved!
Respond courteously, when people treat you discourteously. Their rudeness is not problem. It is theirs. Courtesy, however, like a healing balm, may succeed in soothing their troubled hearts.

If someone speaks of you unkindly, say to him, "Thank you. Only a friend would complain against me at the cost of his own inner peace."

An Idea Can Change Your Life!

If you have a good idea, express it to friends, first, who share your ideals. Give it time to mature before exposing it to negative people who, like goats, love to gnaw on the render shoots of other people's inspirations.

Breath Easy- Techniques

As an aid to introspection, concentrate on the rythms of your breathing: its rate; the relative duration of inhalation to exhalation ; its force; the location of its strongest flow in the nostrils; the pauses between breaths. In your heart's feelings. By watching it, your mind also will become calm.

Proper breathing ensures that enough oxygen is flowing to the muscles you are using, and helps prevent unnecessary tension. A relaxed and full breath pattern encourages focus and concentration.

The STOTT PILATES breath pattern involves an expansion of the rib cage out to the sides and back without allowing the shoulders to lift. It is also important to breathe into the lower part of your lungs, because there is more efficient gas exchange.

The breath pattern used in STOTT PILATES will help engage your deep abdominal muscles and stabilize your torso.

19 April 2008


Be aware in everything you do. Let your every act be dynamic to your consciousness. To live automatically is slip backward on your evolutionary climb toward perfect awareness.

Convey your message

Today, gaze up from time to time at the clouds. Ask them, "Have you a special message for me? "
Think of consciousness as omnipresent. It is not the creation, merely,of your little brain. Reflect that the divine can use countless instruments for our guidance and inspiration.


keep your heart open. Don't allow life to jade you. As you grow older, and lose the soft innocence which is the gift of childish ignorance --
Develop that refined innocence which, diamond -like, is the gift of wisdom. Keep alive in yourself the capacity for wonder.

14 April 2008

Look at the Eyes

Make it a practice, when you converse with the someone, to look at him or her between the eyebrows, and not only in the eyes.
To Stare too fixedly into the eyes may seem an invasion to privacy. If you look away people may think you have donned mask , To Shift your gaze back be calm & centre, also.

11 April 2008


" The ability and energy to do something lies in the self-interest of wanting to do it, if we can just put fear and doubt beyond our imagination."

--- Written in 2008 by Mohammed Onotu --- Nigeria

07 April 2008

Watch yourself

Watch yourself as if through the eyes of another. Do you like what you see? If not, make up your mind to improve. Change yourself with the same impartiality that the other person might show, were he working to change you.

06 April 2008


Encourage people in their strengths, and never belittle them for their weakness.
By giving strength to others, you yourself will grow stronger.
But in demeaning others you will only demean yourself.
The color you paint a fence is the color you get on your own hands.

Healthy Diet

Eat light food more frequently than heavy ones,
Drink at least two quarters of water for 2 hrs once.
The lighter your food, the lighter also will be your consciousness.


When you find yourself in a crowd, hold the thought:
" All these people are my brothers and sisters."
Emanate love and harmony from your heart. Any dishormony in your surroundings, then, will not be able to affect you.

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