27 January 2012

12 DIET Rules - Everyone Must Follow

Eat Fresh Vegatables and fruits.

Over eating leads to obesity.

  1.  Eat only when hungry.
  2.  Do not overeat
  3. Do not eat when in pain or emotionally upset
  4. Chew each mouth full 20 times before swallowing
  5. Limited amount of processed starches (especially with bad teeth).
  6. Do not drink (or eat) cold substances.
  7. Do not drink (or eat) extremly hot substances.
  8. Do not eat when tired or immediate after hard work.
  9. Eat at least one fresh fruit and one fresh vegetable daily.
  10. Do not use cereals with milk, sugar or from a package.
  11. Do not eat a meal for a truck driver if you are a stenographer.
  12. Eat more raw, FRESH foods and less cooked (dead) foods.
Do not eat anything when you are emotionally upset. 

Eat only when hungry.

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  1. Always take fresh vegetables. Clean them before preparation. It may contain harmful pesticides, do wash well. It may make way to Infertility for both male and females.


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