14 April 2010

Time is precious use properly.

Time is precious use properly
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Meet your challenges vigorously. To muse lengthily on past victories is to deprive yourself of the energy you need for winning new ones. Overcome worry by living bravely right now. Leave your future problems to be resolved by future energy. Think of time as a radiation outward from your own center. Past and future are a circle rotating around a never-changing present.

Communicate with others thoughtfully, never absentmindedly. Do things that are uplifting; don't merely pass the time. For time is an inheritance: However little or much has been allotted to you, Spend it wisely, or it will be frittered away.

Be silent at your center. Excessive speech is anesthetizing. Instead of thinking up ideas to communicate to others, think up ideas to communicate to your own higher self.

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