13 April 2010

Music sense will develop your positive thinking

To express your thoughts more interestingly, infuse melody into your voice. Laugh with others, not at them. Choose your words kindly, and they'll invite understanding.

Concentrate on the taste of food- on its life force, its vitality, its joy. Have you been eating corpses? Eat only foods that are vibrant with life.

Don't merely hear sounds: Listen to them. Observe their effect on your nervous system. Surround yourself with uplifting harmonies, soul-stirring rhythms, inspiring melodies.

Make communication with others an exchange of vibrations, and not only of ideas.

Uplift moods of depression on wings of song- or, if you are not musically gifted, soar upward mentally with the flights of birds. Moods come to us because our energy has descended to the lower part of our bodies. When we raise our level of energy, the moods vanish for lack of native air to breathe.

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