30 April 2008

Smile Please !

I never kiss
I never miss
I never neck
I never think
I never drink
I am only six
I am always in fix
I am a game
Everyone says the same
I am a fool
I am never cool
I am rich
But it doesn't itch
I am happy
I am always feeling sleepy
If you're good
Come down I would............


There's way to stop drinking,
I'm sure you can't beat it:
Just take all your liquor
And freeze it and eat it!


Ah, When you whisper, 'George, I love you,"
How my heart begins to thrill,
And when you snuggle close and say it--
I forget my name is Bill.


The lady came from Lisbane,
She said, "Let's do it again,
And again and again,
And again and again,
And again and again,
And again and again and again and again and again---


There was a student named Ginker,
The town's biggest drinker,
His knowledge was small,
Almost nothing at all,
Today he's the top and head brinker.


There was an old man of key west
When had numerous spots on his vest,
He said : " I don't think
That many were ink,
But those that were wine are the best."
<(^.^)> <(^.^)>

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