23 April 2008

Eradicate - Poverty in INDIA

Why you will never see a front page like this??

Do we all borned with silver spoons in our mouth ??
No, May be 0.01 people borned.
We are all earning name, money. Is it permanent ? It comes as the water in the coconut and vanishes out as the days pass by.... But there are so many people suffering for not having Food. There are so many people dieing for not having atleast 1 time meal a week.

We are all ignoring them.. We are in Technology mode today!!! Gadgets, mobiles, we spend thousands of rupees for them...But Not on Poverty. We are in situation that we cannot talk with our family member. We are calling them and talking to them.. Why ??

Then, Who will look after them ? I believe, As we are all in the society,
We should taken care of them. Everybody should feel it is our duty and atleast we must serve them proper food, in the morning/afternoon/at night.

Though you may be living in the high society colonies, take your car search for them atleast when you have time & serve them. Even if not happen , Send money to organization you trust.

Take an oath right from today!
That "I will take part to eradicate the poverty.
On my Birthday, I Dont spend lavishly for parties and so on..
I Do Good For POOR..
I Never neglect Poverty.
I Will Create Equal opportunities. Create Equal Rights.
I will Change their Lives
I Will Work for them keeping aside my company 1 days" ......

I 'm here today! I have taken blogging as my tool to eradicate poverty..
I do spend money for the poor which I earned from this blog.. Atleast 5% to them....
We do talk more on useless things... But I have the hope on all you here....
Send your feedback how you are helping the poor??

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