23 February 2014

Top Acts of Selfishness- One should remember

Top Acts of Selfishness. (spread these words and remove selfishness from the people around the world.)

1. Bad mouthing someone to look better.
2. Avoiding donating to charity.
3. Falling to let another driver in or give way. 
4. Not Contacting relatives
5. Being Sympathetic.
6. Making what you want for dinner without consulting.
7. Making only your own cup of tea in the office.
8. Giving a smaller portion. 
9. Falling to open doors
10. Not Clearing up your mess.
11. Picking a DVD without thinking about a partner
12. Borrowing something and not returning it. 
13. Not buying a round.
14. Blaming someone else.
15. Not helping out colleagues. 
16. Not handing back money when someone drops it.
17. Pushing into a queue.
18. Not offering a lift.

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