10 September 2008

Live and let live

Live -

  • Put bright color in your surroundings, and you’ll bring more brightness and color to your own life.
  • Be as considerate of the feelings of others as you would have them be of your own.
  • Be Modest, but don’t belittle yourself. The center of your being is the center of the universe as far as your own understanding is considered. At the center, awaiting your discovery, lies all the power of infinity.

  • Be Courageous in your decision making . “What if?” and “ what if not?” keep people sitting forever on a fence. Even a poor decision may be preferable to making no decision at all: At least it will keep the energy flowing, a flow which may, in time, attract good decisions.

Let others Live

  • As the gardener water the flowers, so water the hearts of others.
  • Offer hope to those who are losing hope. Help them to see that their potentials reach out to infinity.
  • Offer encouragement, whenever you find sorrow or despair. No defeat is permanent; Often, it is the precursor to stunning victory.
  • Offer happiness, whenever you see gloom. Pity is demeaning, but happiness, offered without imposing it, can be a lifeboat on a stormy sea.
  • Dharma (righteousness) is the foundation for the welfare of humanity, it is the eternal truth. When the effulgence of Dharma fails to illumine human relationships, mankind will become enveloped in the darkness of sorrow. Man must dedicate himself to Dharma so that he may live in peace and the world may also enjoy peace. He cannot acquire lasting peace nor can he win the grace of God through any means other than by leading a Dharmic life.

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