14 January 2010

How to keep women HAPPY -PART- 1

Today I would like to give you the main points about
Keeping a woman happy, which is vital for a healthy relationship. Here are several tips to keep a girl happy - pay attention and reap the rewards.

I have some more points to blog..bookmark ..for series....

Keep her happy rule #1 - Always be yourself; don't supplicate. There are guys out there who think they aren't good enough to attract a jaw-dropping beautiful, sexy woman, so they put on an act. A confident man doesn't act like this. As I write this article, I'm in INDIA, where there are plenty of amazing girls holding onto the arm of an out of shape dude with a pony style haircut. It just goes to show that women are more attracted to confidence and personality than looks.

Keep her happy rule #2 - Notice the little things. Women are all about the details. Does she have a favorite candy, a favorite flower, color, etc.? Get creative, surprise her with little momentos, she'll appreciate these things. I've met guys who try to impress girls with big gifts, but the reality is the women appreciate the smaller gifts a lot more in general.

Keep her happy rule #3 - This one is pretty simple: Appreciate her. Never take your woman for granted, let her know from time to time why you value her, what you find so irresistible about her.

Second part continues....

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