28 March 2013

Words are Sweeter But Actions and Thoughts are BITTER

Words are sweeter But Thoughts are Bitter.

In todays world, there are some kind of people, who will exploit others privacy, their wants and wishes.
They seem they are trying to help us by all the ways. But they are not helping us. Moreover, they simply takes our goal in their hands.
They will play with it like a magician.

And at last they drop our ambitions and goals from a highest Hill ...Which will be the Hell to ordinary and innocent people.
This is a dangerous situation .

If they are in need or expecting any favor from us,
they will make our mind to forget us all our daily activities. The next minute we will be working on their task.
They are good communicators, they seem and maintaining good relations with others.
These qualities are not to help others but simply killing the others ambitions.

They seems they are encouraging in every step, No Way !
 they are feeling jelous on other hand.

They trap innocent people .
They make use of them. At last they told , we have given them life.
We have lost our money. They wept dramitacally for each and everything. 

They are Opportunists, they are frugal, they are mischevious, they are sweeter while speaking but cunning in planning to disturb our goals.
so be cautious, those people are with us be Vigilant and alert . 

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