27 May 2008

Good News - A Magazine of Understanding

The goal of The Good News is to provide understanding. Many other magazines report the news, whether current events, social trends or the lighter fare of sports or personalities. They provide information, but not answers. They don't address the really big, really important questions: Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? Where are we going? What lies ahead for our families, loved ones and friends?
Why, in spite of astounding technological progress, can we not solve our long-standing, basic problems? Why is the world tormented with war, crime, violence and misery? Why are so many marriages, families and other relationships-and ultimately even whole societies-breaking down? Why can't the best and brightest find solutions?
What other magazines don't tell you is why these events and trends take place, nor where they are leading us. It's a paradox that in this information age, a time characterized by an explosion of knowledge, data and communication, we are still so lacking in understanding of what it all means. We ache for answers to questions we can't quite put into words.
To bridge the gap in understanding, we seek out the source of information so many ignore-the Bible. Most writers, editors and publishers completely disregard this source of true, lasting knowledge. Although they can report what's happening -the who, what, when, where and how-they cannot explain why.
It's one thing to report the news. It's quite a different matter to dissect and explain world trends and events in light of the Bible and its many prophecies. The Good News fills that crucial gap in understanding.
The Good News is a magazine of understanding only because our primary source is a book of understanding. We encourage you to study its pages, and the pages of The Good News, to gain the insight so sadly lacking in our world.
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