17 April 2012

9 Powerful Power Saving Tips for the World

All of these electricity saving tips cost nothing to implement. and may seem obvious but from experience most people ignore them and waste money unnecessarily. Some only require getting into the habit of thinking is there a good reason why this is switched on.

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For more information on these tips take a look at the electricity saving section.

1. Switch Off Lights When A Room Is Empty

A hundred watt light bulb switched on for one hour every day costs around £1 a quarter to run.

2. Switch Of Unnecessary Items

How often have you left the room for a couple of hours leaving the television, computer, etc on? How often have you gone out shopping on a Saturday leaving things switched on? A television left on for two hours a day can cost between £1 and £6 a quarter to run depending on the age and size. A computer left on for two hours a day can cost around £2 a quarter to run.

3. Don't Leave Items On Standby

Do you switch things off at the wall or just leave them on standby - most appliances don't need to be left on standby. The difference can be huge. A computer left on standby can cost between £1 & £3 a quarter. Ten items left on standby each taking 2 watts cost around £4 a quarter. Switch off cookers and microwaves wherever possible (resetting the clock is a small price to pay). Switching off at the wall is best as switching the unit off often leaves the appliance still using power.
4. Turn The Water Temperature Down 5 Degrees

If you heat your water using electricity try turning the temperature down 5 degrees you probably won't even notice the difference. If you don't try turning it down even further.

5. Turn The Washing Machine Down To 30C

Modern detergents work fine at this temperature and the saving in energy is worth it.

6. When You Go Away For More Than A Day Switch Off Everything You Can

Apart from things related to security switch off everything you can such as immersion heaters, central heating (if the weather is not too cold), Cookers, Microwaves, etc - you may be surprised by the savings.

7. Don't Leave Mobile Phone Chargers Switched On When Not In Use

If possible run the charger(s) overnight to take advantage of cheap rate electricity BUT remember to use a time switch as they only take 2 to 3 hours to charge.

8. Open Fridge And Freezer Doors For As Short A Time As Possible

To minimise warming.

9. Only Boil As Much Water As You Need In The Kettle

Filling the kettle full each time you boil it can waste around £3 a quarter. If you live in a hard water area keep the kettle de scaled to keep the efficiency high.

10. Maximise The Use Of The Oven

By cooking as much as possible at the same time. If you have dual ovens use the smallest one wherever possible. 

if you know some more tips on saving energy please share them in comments and share it to your friends on FB and Twitter.

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