08 February 2013

101-Dating Tips - Every Guy -Girl Must Know -Happy Valentines Day

Everyone knows money is tight these days and you may not be able afford a therapist or buy the popular, new dating book that may or may not apply to you, so here we are, offering 100 tips for today’s modern and sophisticated dater. Short, sweet, and to the point, these tips are easy to remember, and more importantly, easy to apply. Finding that special person who loves you and loves you just as you are may take time, but the journey is well worth the reward.

101-Dating Tips - Every Guy -Girl Must Know -Happy Valentines Day

1. Join multiple dating sites to increase your chances.

2. Don’t dismiss free dating sites. They can have surprising results.

3. Completely fill out your profile with accurate information.

4. Use proper grammar on your profile, not text speech.

5. Post recent pictures, not pictures from several years prior.

6. Get suggestions from friends and family that know you best.

7. If you’re contacted by someone you have no interest in, let them know kindly and swiftly.

8. Don’t pester someone that’s already declined your advances.

9. Suggest a real life encounter sooner, rather than later.

10. Meet in a public place where you feel comfortable.

11. Let someone know where you’re going and who you’re going with.

12. Don’t lie on your profile. The truth always comes out.

13. Trust your gut instincts. If something feels off, it probably is.

14. Don’t text for a date. People appreciate a friendly phone call.

15. First dates should always be casual.

16. Make eye contact and you’ll come off as trustworthy and confident.

17. Be punctual. Never make your date wait.

18. Smile! Don’t look miserable, even if you are. Happiness is attractive!

19. Be a good listener. People are extremely interesting when given a chance.

20. Don’t center the conversation on you and your life.

21. Ask polite but honest questions about your date.

22. Dress nice, but be comfortable.

23. Take a shower. Be hygienic and smell nice.

24. Bring a small gift; it shows how thoughtful you are.

25. Be natural. It’s easy to spot someone who’s trying way too hard.

26. If things don’t go as planned, be flexible, prepared, and have a back up option.

27. Make sure you are well-rested. No one likes a date that snores at dinner.

28. A hug or a quick kiss on the cheek are the only acceptable levels of affection.

29. Limit alcohol consumption. You don’t want your date to think you’re a lush, or worse, to see you drunk.

30. Carry cash, in case your credit card is declined.

31. Turn off your phone. No texting or calls while on the date.

32. Be attentive and a good listener.

33. If the date is truly awful, it is okay to leave early.

34. Have an escape plan to quickly and effectively end your terrible date.

35. If you’re a smoker, limit your cigarette intake.

36. Take your date somewhere where a conversation is possible.

37. Avoid bad breath! Mints, gum, even emergency mouthwash are little miracles.

38. Be a gentleman. Opening doors and pulling out chairs can go a long way.

39. Be positive! Look for the good qualities your date possess.

40. You can pick your date, but please don’t pick your nose. Or ears, for that matter.

41. Use your manners. Cover your mouth if you have to cough or sneeze.

42. Don’t chew with your mouth open. It wasn’t ok as a child, it’s not ok now.

43. Don’t inhale your food. Savor and enjoy your meal.

44. Be a flirt! Don’t be afraid to have some fun.

44. Don’t over-analyze every word or action. Stop it!

45. Sit up straight and have good posture.

46. Shave. This is not gender-specific.

47. Boring conversation? Try discussing controversial subjects! Religion, politics, and college football are a few!

48. Call your date by their name. It helps build a deeper connection.

49. Everyone hits rough patches in their life, but you’re on a date, not a therapist’s couch. No whining.

50. Confidence is great. Bragging, not so much.

51. First date? No sexual conversations. Ever.

52. Don’t force it. If there’s no spark, there’s no spark.

53. Don’t talk about old relationships.

54. No dating if you still have feelings for an old flame. It isn’t fair to anyone.

55. Don’t be upset if the date is a bomb.

56. Try something fun and different for a date.

57. Guys, pay for your ladies. It’s a matter of principle.

58. Don’t split the check unless she gives you no choice.

59. If you initiate the date, you pick up the tab.

60. Allow plenty of preparation time. Stress isn’t good for a first date.

61. Don’t be persuaded to go anywhere that makes you uncomfortable.

62. If your date has a significant other, then you shouldn’t be on the date. Period.

63. Call your date the next day. Don’t be afraid to show interest.

64. If they don’t answer the phone, move on. No crying.

65. If they don’t return a call, move on. Still no crying.

66. Don’t be overly aggressive. Your date will be easily frightened by this.

Overly Aggressive Behavior

67. If it doesn’t work out, that’s ok. You’ll find someone else.

68. Don’t be a stalker. Nobody likes a stalker.

69. Try somewhere besides the bar or the club. Spice up a first date and it will impress.

70. Tell people you’re on the dating scene. The friend of a friend may not be bad at all.

71. Try a blind date; you never know who you may meet.

72. Don’t be afraid to ask established couples for tips and tricks.

73. Try a double date. Group dates take pressure off of everyone involved.

74. Don’t play hard to get. Games will get you nowhere.

75. Be honest about your feelings. Your date will appreciate your openness

76. If you must reject someone, do it with kindness and compassion.

77. Don’t ignore a rejected suitor. End it with dignity and finality.

78. Remember that every rejection is a step towards your special cookie.

79. Keep your eyes open for love, but don’t hunt it like big game.

80. Get out there! You’ll never meet anyone in your living room.

81. Start small and make changes to improve your attitude. Those changes will show everywhere.

82. Balance work and play for a better dating life.

83. Be your own person. Your mate doesn’t define you.

84. You have to accept yourself before you can be accepted.

85. Try something new and date outside your comfort zone.

86. Don’t focus on a getting the second date. If it happens, it happens.

87. Seek out special places and things that interest you. You never know who you may bump into.

88. Don’t jump into a relationship out of loneliness. It doesn’t end well!

89. Get in shape; not just for appearance, but for a healthy state of mind.

90. Be willing to try. When you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.

91. Be open to a relationship.

92. Be willing to trust. Good people do exist, and they’re everywhere.

93. You aren’t a teenager anymore, so act like an adult!

94. Take the time to get to know your prospective significant other.

95. Don’t rush things. A relationship will bloom on it’s own time.

96. You are unique and beautiful. Remember that.

97. Don’t rush into a physical relationship. Learn to care for the person first.

98. Make sure your values are compatible.

99. Some of the best advice comes from family and friends.

100. The truth is your cookie just isn’t done baking yet. When it’s ready you’ll meet that special cookie.

101. The happier you are the more attractive you will be to others.

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