10 November 2013

Grapes are the ESSENTIAL sources for SKIN -KIDNEY

Opener is a feature of the brain and heart arteries.High blood pressure under control amount.Substance of the brain uses glucose and grape sugar glucose is the easiest, if they beat grapes on a regular basis every day eliminates the problem of forgetfulness.

An important source of energy and hormone-regulatory
Skin care products used in many products until the making of chocolate.
High sugar content of nutrients due to a high calorific value.
Mineral substances, calcium, potassium, sodium and iron-rich, as in A, B1, B2 and C in terms of an important source of vitamins.

Some liver diseases and is effective in treating anemia.
It contains fruit acids and fiber structure without damaging the stomach, kidney and intestinal system, regulates the operation.
Helps clear the blood.
Grapes used to treat cancer.
High calorie content, but because they include a very low amount of fat and protein to your diet is ideal.
Contains your daily iron requirement of iron in the +2 value 1 / 3 'satisfies nude.

100 gr. seedless grapes in general:

77.4%: Carbohydrates
2.82 g: protein
15% (± 1.5): Moisture
0.5%: Covering Oil has.

100 gr. seedless grapes, vitamins are:

0,147 mg: Vitamin B1
0.073 mg :  Vitamin B2

100 gr. minerals contained in seedless grapes are as follows:

4 mg Iron
30 mg Magnesium
190 mg Phosphorus
53 mg calcium

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